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How to select a cowboy hat for a complete Marlboro Man look?

by alex

Are you looking forward to the ways in which you can become a good and a successful Marlboro Man?

Do you want to style like him and look like how he used to look?

If so, then here we are to tell you that there are plenty of ways in which you can look like Marlboro man and all you have to do is to follow some tips in this regard.

Marlboro man was a figure that was an ideal one, designed and styled to look like a tough cowboy who is weather beaten and is ready to take all the challenges of life with a full attitude. This figure was used in the cigarette advertisements as well and was shown wearing the whole coy bow dress along with a cigarette in his hands and an extreme attitude in his face.

So if you want to style like him for some event or for some other purpose, this post is going to help you know them and get the answer to this question.

  • Consider your facial structure

When you are buying the cowboy hat and other things for the Marlboro man look, you need to consider your facial structure carefully. If you have a long face and a pointed chin, a hat with a small crown will suit you but if you have a round face and a rather short neck, then going for the cowboy hat with long crown would be the best suited.

  • Consider the material of the hat

The most commonly occurring material for the cowboy hat is either felt, straw or leather, so now you will have to consider your need and based on that, you are going to buy the best hat according to your budget and the event for which you want it. Felt and straw are for sure going to be low cost compared to the other ones made up of leather.

  • Consider the size carefully

The next thing to consider is the size of the hat. Since the cowboy hat is not a very flexible one, it is going to give you a very hard time in selecting the right hat size for you. so when selecting the hat, be very sure to take the measurements of your head with a measuring tape and then use them to decide which hat size is the most appropriate one for you.

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